Polo Sport

Over the years, fashion has always been the basis of someone’s personality, taste and standards, people of all ages would always judge other people by the way they dress up and what they incorporate in their daily clothing. Most of the people who are very fashionable have always had a keen eye on Polo Sport what best matches what, or which color compliments which. If you have been a stylish lad or girl your entire life, then surely you have an idea about all the different brands of apparels. You know exactly where to look for casual clothing, where to find party clothes, and where to locate those luxurious and formal types of garments.

One company who has been in the fashion industry for many years now is the polo sport by Ralph Lauren, and wherever you go and whoever you ask, when you say this name you will be told of how high end and very exquisite this brand is. It is because there is not one person in the entire planet that is not aware of the brand, in fact it is globally recognized as one of the premiere and leading brands in the fashion market.

The polo sport is no brand that should be taken lightly, since 1967 it has been providing the entire Manhattan community with the finest line up of Men’s ties. The owner who is called Ralph Lifshitz started this endeavor just by seeing how the manufacturing of men’s ties occurs in his previous job. He knew right then and there that his passion lies in the men’s fashion industry, and that making top of the line ties from high quality material will always be his forte. He immediately became successful right after opening his first consignment at Bloomingdales, he put up a small boutique inside the store where he can fully expand his sales and further promote his brand to the public. Since Ralph is organically passionate about what he does, he ventured as well in the area of women’s wear. In 1971 he was able to put up his first retail outlet store in Beverly Hills, California.

It was in this place where Ralph had gained more attention and has attracted a huge amount of consumers, he worked hard to pursue his career and his dream to bring his brand to the top of the market. In ten years time, Ralph immediately launched his brand as an international entity; he opened his next store in London, wherein it has gained him more additional follower and consumers of his products. By 1993, he finally launched the Polo Sport trademark; it spread out like wild fire in all parts of the country. People who can acquire the brand are considered to even be more than just affluent, that is how people take in high regard of the brand name.

Today wherever you go, there are official stores of this brand that can be found in any high end shopping malls. Of course, the brand caters to a lot of variety not just in men’s wear and women’s wear, but it also houses the finest pieces of beddings, towels and all sorts of household items.


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