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How to Use PayPal at Casinos Online Today

How to Use PayPal at Casinos to Win Big

Where to begin with a juggernaut like PayPal. This payment service is used in over 200 countries since its inception in 1998. Going from strength to strength, we discuss how to use PayPal at casinos around the world. Considering most who read this are UK based, we will focus on this area.

With over 160 million using PayPal, it’s no wonder they’re so trusted. Casinos around the world have turned to them as a reliable source to complete and verify user transactions. Players know they can trust the brand, and this allows their accounts to remain private and secure.

Using an encrypted service, PayPal ensures its nearly impossible for an outside source to hack a customer’s account. Businesses around the world use the service in over 100 different currencies. The accounts are so simple to set up and only take a few moments, so let’s run through that process first.

Simplifying the Whole Process

Once you have an account (if you don’t already), the whole process couldn’t be more simple. If you follow these easy steps, you can begin playing with your deposited money in seconds. First, you find the casino you love and wish to play. Whether you like poker, baccarat, roulette or slots, the best casino websites support PayPal.

After you’ve found one, select it, create an account and find the person who cashes your money. Keeping your wits about you, avoid any issues by selecting PayPal as your choice (finding the symbol of the business). Next, you’ll be taken to the PayPal page to finish off the transaction.

As a side note, remember that you can only use the PayPal account in the same country you wish to bet i.e a casino regulated in the UK can only take deposits from English players. Because the UK is the biggest betting country to use PayPal in Europe, you know you’re in safe hands. You don’t even have to keep your bank details on there, for added security.

Find Out How to Use PayPal at Casinos Online

While the odd casino does not agree with PayPal, the majority do not mind processing either payouts or deposits from the service. This is fantastic for players old and new, who want minimal fuss. You can withdraw considerably quicker than with a debit or credit card, and more secure too.

Payouts Via PayPal Casinos

With no added fees, it’s brilliant for saving money and making a great result from your successful bets. Also, all funds can go directly to your bank account to beef up your balance. However, make sure to check any currency exchange fees, based on where you are from.

To make matters much easier for yourself, simply bet in your own currency. The beautiful part about it is anybody can use it around the world, making quick and easy transactions. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you bet low or high, because they accept any amount.

Also, it’s great when you understand its simplicity. When you know how to use PayPal at casinos, you can even use it on your mobile. This makes casino gaming even easier because you can do it from anywhere. Whether you’re playing at home or on the move, PayPal sorts you out with routine and secure transactions. In 2014 alone, nearly 1 billion payments took place. Users of Android, iPad, and iPhones loved the accessibility you get from its service.

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